Rat the Magnificent | ITCH 2 video

Rat the Magnificent’s second video is one b-side from In The Middle which has been described as
“Relentless post-punk fuzz” [Overblown] and a “Brutal white-knuckle ride” [Best Tuna].

ITCH 2 was recorded at Brixton Hill Studios and features the always perfect guitar work of Jen Macro (Hurtling, MBV, Graham Coxon, Charlotte Hatherley).Thunderingly kinetic, ITCH 2 is dedicated to worrying about the finer things in life with the video looking at those things on a grander scale.

In The Middle was the first single from The Body As Pleasure, Rat the Magnificent’s debut album coming out through TTWD Records in summer 2018. Hear the single on bandcamp https://ratthemagnificent.bandcamp.com/album/in-the-middle-single

“In The Middle has a full frontal scorched earth policy type attack and in the end is an ode to lust and carnal acts where Anderson sings of the immediacy of desire.”
American Pancake

“dès que tu as terminé, tu as tout de suite envie de remettre ça” [Another Whisky for Mister Bukowski]