Rat the Magnificent release Up The Street

A first look at the album artwork from The Body As Pleasure

Rat the Magnificent are a heady mix of obstinance and oblivion. Described as “Strutting blues” and “knuckle-busting riffage” [NPR Music] Up The Street features the band at their most defiant, a fully blasted piece of theatrical rock and roll.

UP THE STREET on bandcamp

Up The Street is the second track released from The Body As Pleasure, Rat the Magnificent’s debut album released on TTWD Records 21st June 2018.

“Crank “Up The Street” to a volume that shakes the dust from your creaky bones. Made stiff from years of rock and roll neglect, you are now redeemed by the nasty howl and stomp of Rat the Magnificent. Hallelujah and hot damn.” NPR Music
“Sometimes a blast of full on swaggering rock helps clear the cobwebs and ‘Up The Street’ is all of that. The vocals are immersed in the mix, the guitars dominate with serious intent and the driving rhythm is mesmerising.” Beehive Candy