Rat the Magnificent | Visual Content!!

Here are two videos for singles from The Body As Pleasure, Rat the Magnificent’s debut LP. Enjoy the visual spectacle & exploration of the inner workings of the mind and body.

Up The Street

“Crank “Up The Street” to a volume that shakes the dust from your creaky bones. Made stiff from years of rock and roll neglect, you are now redeemed by the nasty howl and stomp of Rat the Magnificent. Hallelujah and hot damn.” NPR Music


“The standout track “Olon,”… features some of bassist Ross Davies’ best moments on the LP — he lays down a thick, fuzzed out bottom end for a swirling guitar riff, and singer Perry Anderson captivates with a dexterous falsetto. Anderson recalls Jeff Buckley and Muse’s Matt Bellamy at times, but with an Eighties no-wave approach. The song builds off its initial minimalism, swelling with background vocals, drummer Anna Dodridge attacking the kit harder on each riff cycle, until its abrupt conclusion.

“Olon,” like the rest of the album’s songs, stands apart in its composition and tone; while most bands claim to have “tons of influences,” very few integrate a full spectrum of sounds into their work, and actually make them work. Rat The Magnificent have established a unique and compelling template for a rock band, and the possibilities are endless. Pretty cool.” [Invisible Oranges]