STREET THUNDER : Live at Outsider Art #13

We’ve been given a gift: a record of the live set from Street Thunder at last week’s Outsider Art show.  Outsider Art put on some great shows, and put out some great records so look them up.

This is some devastatingly lush amp worship for your delectation. Please enjoy.


I’m not much into health food, I am into champagne

Cheel Ghar & Rat the Magnificent were invited to play at The Nepalese Temple Ball’s album launch party, alongside Nep and Strank on Saturday.


Cheel Ghar represented themselves well, including a guest spot for Dan on stage with NTB.


We raised £85 for Sense, which makes a fun night worthwhile.

Rat the Magnificent have also been back in the studio with Brad Hemsell fiddling around with noises. The record is happening…


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