Modern Men – Solid Gold EP & live session videos

Modern Men release Solid Gold EP & live session videos

“Four failing adults shout about the futility of the human condition whilst drinking quality whiskey. Heavy noise rock for the terminally disenfranchised.”

Following the first single, Oscar Alpha, we give to you a mighty dose of Modern Men. Here we have the Solid Gold EP, plus 4 live session versions of the tracks on video, showing off the bands upfront live performance.

Click here for the Solid Gold EP on Bandcamp

The Solid Gold EP was recorded, engineered & mixed by Brad Hemsell in Dorset

Click below to watch the Solid Gold live session videos for

Maxxximum Cliffage

Oscar Alpha

Hott Piss

Fixxxing Punk

Live session vidoes recorded with Tim Cedar [Part Chimp, Hey Colossus, Sweet Williams] at Dropout studio in South London. Here you see Modern Men frenetic, dark and raw, captured on film by Chemically Sinister.

Old enough to know better these Modern Men are for the amp-worship fans of Some Girls, Head Wound City, Converge, Coalesce, The Jesus Lizard, Oxbow, The Melvins and Part Chimp.

Modern Men aren’t here to fuck around, they’re here for you, right now.